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Caterpillar to Butterfly by Anonymous

The sky was dark, the wind was cold,

And leaves began to fly.

A caterpillar, striped with black, said,

“I must say good-bye.”

“I’ll stick my bottom to a stem.

My skin is getting old.

I’ll change it for a bumpy skin,

Of brown, alas, no tips of gold.”

The north wind sang a lullaby,

As snug and safe she lay.

Then May came, and by and by,

Her dry skin dropped away.

So now a pretty insect sat,

And spread her wings to fly.

She sailed the sky on midnight wings –

A black swallowtail butterfly!

The butterfly must go through difficult stages to emerge from a chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly to bring joy to others. As it emerges, it flits and flutters from bright flower to bright flower, knowing that its purpose is to spread pollen. It may have to take a long migration to fulfil its purpose, and it does so with great endurance in the company of its own kind.

ADVICE: It may be a time for you to undergo profound changes and transformation, to struggle before seeing the stunning emergence of a new, lighter, brighter you. Don’t rush the changes, try not to fight the changes, but let them unfold as they should. A bit of camouflage, a ‘fake-it-till-you-make it’ mimicry, may be needed before you reveal the real you. The joy and satisfaction that emerges will be worth the confusion and uncertainty. Others may be amazed at how much you have changed. Some of you may have to move, or migrate, over a long distance, but in the company of fellow travellers – making a superb sight for onlookers. Know that it is something you had to endure, to leave your comfort zone, to reach your reward, and to make people smile.

“Among the varied species of insects, butterflies are the most poetic.” – Ana Gerhard, Little Creatures: An Introduction to Classical Music



Papilionoidea superfamily

Many migrate

Agent of pollination


Undergoes metamorphosis

Makes use of camouflage & mimicry

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

REFERENCES: A combination of the following Oracle cards were used (with a dash of my own lifelong learning).

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

L’Oracle du Peuple Animal by Arnaud Riou 

Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer

The Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid


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