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Poem, 21 September 2019, hellopoetry.com:

A Kangaroo in Paradise by Bruce Levine

A kangaroo in paradise

Hopped along the shore

Happily hopping over waves

The surf a foamy roar

Starfish and sea horses

Stood aghast sheltered by a lee

To see a kangaroo within their view

And wondered if this can actually be

If paradise for kangaroos

Is happily hopping by the sea

Maybe next time you might find

A kangaroo is happy in a tree

So next time you’re at the shore

Keep an eye where ‘ere you go

One never knows where paradise

Or kangaroos will show

The kangaroo, unique in its locomotion, bounds across the flat, treeless expanse with enormous leaps as if flying – its weight soaring effortlessly. Its tail, for balance, is so strong that the kangaroo can place its full weight on it. Large hind legs, short boxing front legs, it grazes, then lies prone as if on a reclining throne. Soft fur, big eyes, long eye-lashes, and a frontal pouch for its young joey, there is a lot to be in awe of.

ADVICE: It may be a time for you to demonstrate balanced leadership with the wisdom of ancient times. Mete out justice wisely, listening quietly, contemplating all sides before giving a verdict. Leap all challenges, fly with the wind, stop, be alert, go again. Make conceptual leaps in knowledge; your intuition is on track. Don’t be startled by distractions – barking dogs, babbling budgerigars, coughing koalas. Fly boomer, fly.

“When you come across a problem in your life, do not always try to solve it; make a long jump like a kangaroo and continue on your way! Sometimes, problems must be leaped over without touching them!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan


Marsupial Mammal

Macropodidae family

Lives in mobs

Large footed

Powerful hind legs

Pouch for Joey



Photographer: Martina Nicolls

REFERENCES: A combination of the following Oracle cards were used (with a dash of my own lifelong learning).

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

L’Oracle du Peuple Animal by Arnaud Riou 

Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer

The Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid


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