Panther Advice

Poem, 1902-1903,

The Panther by Rainer Maria Rilke

His gaze against the sweeping of the bars

has grown so weary, it can hold no more.

To him, there seems to be a thousand bars

and back behind those thousand bars no world.

The soft the supple step and sturdy pace,

that in the smallest of all

circles turns,

moves like a dance of strength

around a core

in which a mighty will is

standing stunned.

Only at times the pupil’s curtain slides

up soundlessly – An image

enters then,

goes through the tensioned

stillness of the limbs –

and in the heart ceases to be.

The panther is a fearless, powerful, silent stalker of its prey. Solitary, opportunistic, the apex predator deploys a stalk and ambush approach – taking its prey by surprise. Once caught, it takes a bite into the skull, cracking it swiftly. Its muscular legs are short, but its body is long, making it adept at tree-climbing and swimming.

ADVICE: It may be a time for you to reclaim your power. Continue flexing your muscles at the gym, but not in the workplace. Use your quiet intelligence at work; your calm leadership style is respected. Unlike a dog whose bark is worse than its bite, you tend to bite when baited. Leave it be; don’t argue; give the baiter a glare, a stare, then move on proudly. Save your energy for the nightlife, an evening with friends, or your soul mate that you are dedicated to so loyally.

“Let the panther of our imagination not be encaged by the mechanics of despotic thinking short -circuiting our hunches and blocking our intuition.” – Erik Pevernagie



Felidae family


Expert stalker

Tropical regions

South America

Photographer: Martina Nicolls

REFERENCES: A combination of the following Oracle cards were used (with a dash of my own lifelong learning).

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

L’Oracle du Peuple Animal by Arnaud Riou 

Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer

The Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid


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